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Biggest Fan Shop at CafePress

This is Kat G. and I have a shop on CafePress called Biggest Fan Shop.

Now it is not that the shop is the biggest shop you can find with fan merchandise, in fact it is  a small shop at the moment, but I named it Biggest Fan because when I am a fan of a show, I am the biggest fan. I hope you enjoy my designs in my shop. So far my shop includes designs from Dark Shadows, Wizard Of Oz, The Hunger Games and A Christmas Story.

I enjoy creating designs with various graphic programs.  I am a self taught designer. Both my father and my daughter had formal college art training, but I had my mind on other things at that time in my life. All my designs are family friendly and some may make you laugh.

The loves of my life are my family, my cats, photography and graphic designs.  Our family has always enjoyed movies both going to a movie and watching them at home on our big screen TV.

Here is the link to my shop, while you are there, you can click on “Learn More” under my Shopkeeper Bio Flamin Cat Designs, to see my other shop links.

You can also see me publish my newest designs on my ScoopIt page, I also share other designs from some of my CafePress friends here.

Thanks for checking out my shop and designs.




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