Fan girls just want to have fun

I paint T-Shirts with graphic art and colors. I have unique and fun designs in NCIS and NCISLA, Star Trek, The Hunger Games, The Polar Express, Dallas, Castle, Revenge, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and The Wizard of OZ.

I am a HUGE fan of NCIS and NCIS LA.  I tweet with all my #ncis fans, they are the best.  I have a NCIS Fan Site with re-caps of all the episodes of the last few years and also my NCIS art.  I have been selling Abby and Bert T-shirts a long time.

I am also a huge #Revenge fan, love Emily, Nolan, Jack and everyone in the Hamptions.  I’ve been watching since day 1.

I am a big fan of the new Dallas, so hot.  And a big Castle fan, I just love Castle and Beckett, it’s a great, so funny show.
I have been using Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop for many years, and all of my graphics are high resolution, large images and very good printing quality. I love graphic arts and designs, and creating bright and fun one-of-a-kind designs on Apparel and gift items.

My Cafepress store with my FAN designs.



AbbyShowerCurtain BertSpecialAgent




StarTrekPillow  Hunger Games Keep Calm


PolarExpressBlanket  Dallas SouthFork Ranch


Castle Nikki Heat Bag  Porters-Stowaway-Tavern-350

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