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Minor Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen either the episode, or the movie, Clue! :)

Ok, I’ll admit, at first I didn’t even pay attention to the title of the episode, and with Psych, I try not to watch the guest credits because I love being surprised by the guest stars. But the instant the singing telegram girl showed up in the opening, I knew this was going to be an homage to one of my all-time favorite comedy movies. In fact, I almost shouted at the girl, “Oh no, you’re going to be shot!” (She wasn’t, as they were saving the Clue surprises for later in the episode.)
I can remember when Clue first hit the movies, with each theater getting a different ending. It was so much fun going back again and seeing a whole new ending the second time, then again with another ending. So much like the game, so many twists, with the clues leading to any number of endings.

With an impressive list of guest stars, including Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Mull, and Christopher Lloyd mimicking themselves to perfection, the show pulled off as many Clue gags as possible within the 43 minute time-span, without missing a beat.

Every move of the actors – especially Maggie Lawson as Juliet as she ran from room to room in the style of Madeline Kahn’s character, Mrs. White – were perfectly timed and choreographed. Each scene brought back memories and giggles, from Shawn (James Roday) playing out the role of Tim Curry to the falling chandelier. Even the Psych pineapple gave a little nod to the movie (watch for it, you can’t miss it in this one). I did secretly hope that Tim Curry would put in an appearance at the end, but I did get one very pleasant surprise in the ending credits. The dedication to Madeline Kahn, after a number of shout outs to the beloved comedienne. Laughter, tears, fond memories make this my all-time favorite episode of Psych. The only thing missing on Hulu, I discovered when the episode originally aired that East coast viewers got to vote for alternate endings. It would have been great to see each one on Hulu as well, in the way the movie added them to the ending of the DVD.

You can watch the episode on Hulu here until June 1, 2013. Don’t have a Hulu Plus account yet? Follow this link to get 2 weeks free:

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